Manufacturer of metal products, where anything is possible.


Are you paying for outrageous design fees or wasting time redesigning ideas that are out of budget?

Our in-house design and engineering team develop solutions within your budget and with the most cost-effective manufacturing methods in mind.


Development of Functional Prototypes:
Once a desired direction is established we are able to translate those design ideas into an actual working prototype quickly and easily. Built by our experienced tradesmen, our prototypes ensure all functional requirements are met.

Full Scale Mock-Ups:
Wether it’s for a retailer line review or an internal marketing meeting, our full scale mock-ups give you a finished unit to illustrate all of the creative and marketing demands for a merchandising program.


Conceptual Design:
Armed with the most up to date design technology, our design team is able to provide you with everything from powerful three dimensional renderings to detailed mechanical drawings which clearly illustrate and articulate the proposed solutions for your program needs.

Structural Engineering:
Creativity doesn’t just apply to how a merchandising program looks, it applies to how it functions as well. With their creative focus on overall requirements you can be confident your programs will be successful when implemented in the field.


We fabricate and manufacture from metal, wire, plastic and wood at our facility. Managed by our team of production specialists and executed by our skilled tradesmen.

We are a full-service provider which means we are able to assemble, fulfill, distribute, and manage your inventory. We work with your product manufacturers, distribution centers, and other key parties directly making the management of your display programs seamless and effortless for you and your team.